Fake products alert!

Dear customers, we would like to pay your attention to fake Italwax products! Don’t let yourself to be fooled. Our wonderful ITALWAX products Pour Homme and White Chocolate are imitated.

Here are some tips how to differ original Italwax from fake:

✅ Italwax Pour Homme bag is metallic and shiny
⛔ fake Pour Homme bag is just black, semi-transparent, imitating poorly Italwax design

✅ Italwax Pour Homme beads are silver in color and drop-shaped. White chocolate beads are drop-shaped
⛔ fake beads are black (no shine)/white, small and round

✅ All Italwax bags have strong ribbed seal, which is impossible to open with bare hands
⛔ fake bags have poor seal with no ribs

✅ Italwax beads don’t stick to each other or to a bag
⛔ fake beads melt into solid block in the bag

And of course, if you try wax from fake  bag, you will immediately understand that there is nothing in common with beautiful ITALWAX products.

If you were scammed with fake Italwax products – please contact us via mail: info@italwax.it informing us when and where did you purchase the fake product.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by imitation of ITALWAX products