Unwanted hair removal with wax is one of the most popular skincare procedures for women. But what about men? Do men need waxing?🤔

Barbers have been using wax for beard and eyebrow styling for ages, the also use wax to remove unwanted hair rom nostrils and ears. In recent years, “male only” waxing studios are appearing more often and this means, that the male waxing procedure is getting more popular.

Why men decide to try waxing?🧐
Hygiene and aesthetic reasons of course.
First of all, man waxing helps with body odour control and helps when the individual sweat abundantly. Thus, the most common areas where the depilation procedure is performed are the armpits, chest, back, shoulders, neck and face.
Secondly, athletes or active lifestyle men prefer to wax as a part of their grooming routine to avoid chafing during activity in spandex and other fitting clothing. In addition to this, the waxing procedure attracts men is a  fast solutions and lasts longer than shaving.

It is important to take into consideration men skin type and hair particularities during the waxing procedure. Men’s skin is denser, thicker and less elastic than women’s. Furthermore it is characterised by a high density of sweat and sebaceous glands and it also has more hair follicles. Men’s hair are strong and dense, with deep roots. The follicles are located close to each other and are supplied heavily with blood. Each hair follicle has many nerve fibres. It is important to take into consideration some key aspects when considering male waxing:

  • The waxed area (for example, the armpit) is statistically larger, comparing to women;
  • Hairs are very dense, thick and deep-set;
  • Rashes and skin redness are possible because of the higher amount of hair follicles;
  • There is more chance of ingrown hairs appearance due to denser skin.

It is an aestheticians’ duty to find the best waxing product for male procedure, so that the process of hair removal is effective, less painful, and the skin could recover quicker.

What is the best wax for men hair removal procedure?🧔🏻

  1. Wax should glide easily on skin surface and remove hair painlessly.
  2. Wax should sink freely in thick hair, wrap and capture each hair so that the hair are removed not as a clump, but each one separately. This will significantly reduce the pain and increase the procedure effectiveness.
  3. Wax needs to firmly adhere to coarse and short hair and pull it out with the roots, from the very first try.

All mentioned above characteristics are inherent quality of ITALWAX “POUR HOMME wax range, a full line of hot film wax, specifically formulated for male waxing procedures: