Biodepilation: PRO et CONTRA

Biodepilation is one of the most popular ways of hair removal with the help of wax, sugar paste or phytomass. On the Internet, you can read many articles and statements in favor of biodepilation. There are also negative opinions. We propose to look at all the pros and cons and draw the necessary conclusions.


Biodepilation products have a natural composition. The primary component for the wax production is pine resin, or sugar in case of sugar paste.
Also, there are various natural ingredients in wax composition: plant extracts (phytoextracts), beeswax and honey. It is useful to remember that supersensitive skin, prone to various irritations, may negatively react to natural components. The mentioned honey, wax or citrus fruits may cause allergic reactions.
There is a category of people whose skin would not tolerate sugar, and they require a very careful selection of products for the depilation procedure.

Wax or sugar paste is a sticky and viscous mass that allows you to capture very short hairs and remove them together with the root. The hairs removed from the root are newly formed and germinate on the skin surface on average within 2-3 weeks. Individual characteristics of the organism are of great importance here. Painfulness of the procedure can be an unpleasant matter during professional depilation. When the hair is removed with the root, the nerve fibres that cover it are injured and it causes pain.

The use of wax or sugar paste does not affect the painfulness
of the procedure. Only regular depilation makes the nerve
endings gradually atrophy, resulting in less pain.


A professionist do Biodepilation

Another trouble is the appearance of blood droplets (“blood dew”) on the place of the removed hair. This is also related to the hair structure. The root of the hair is enveloped with a large number of small blood vessels; when hair is removed, vessels are injured, bringing about natural appearance of blood drops. It usually occurs in delicate areas at first, and after several procedures no blood dew appears anymore.

Thanks to their stickiness, wax and sugar paste can remove horny skin particles from the upper epidermis layer. During the depilation procedure, the skin additionally receives mild peeling, resulting in a smooth and velvety skin. With the help of waxes and sugar paste, hairs can be removed on the arms, legs, face, and also in the bikini and armpit areas. Current biodepilation products have a low operating temperature: wax melts at a temperature of +37 to +42 degrees, sugar paste has the range of +37 to +40 degrees, which excludes burning during the procedure.

People with sensitive, delicate, reddish-prone skin can have red dots in place of the removed hair, which is the reaction of the injured hair follicles to hair removal. Typically, reddening occurs within 2-3 hours. If redness increases, accompanied with swelling or itching, then this is an allergic reaction. It is recommended to use synthetic waxes for such skin that exclude any allergic manifestations.

Removing hair with wax or sugar paste, or using some kind of mechanical device, may lead to the
appearance of ingrown hairs, being the hairs that grow under the skin and coil into a spiral, forming
bumps on the skin surface. If the hair follicle becomes inflamed, then the bump becomes a pustular
abscess, which may cause skin disease if infected.

There are several reasons why the ingrown hairs appear:
1. Hair weakening after depilation. The hair removed along with roots becomes weak in the course of time and does not have enough strength to germinate on the skin surface.
2. Skin dryness. In dry skin, the upper epidermis layer is quite thick and dense, and this is a big obstacle for weak hairs that cannot break through to the surface.
3. Formation of sebaceous plugs. In areas with active sebaceous glands, the hair channel that becomes empty after depilation can be filled with sebaceous secretions that form jams through which the hair cannot break through.
4. Unprofessional depilation procedure (clumsy specialist). Low-quality hair removal means that the hair is removed without its root and broken at the base. Such a hair grows in the upper stratum of the horny skin layer; it can be seen on the skin surface, but is impossible to hook. You can also break off the hairs if depilation procedure is wrong.

Products for professional depilation are available at any professional cosmetics store, and they are inexpensive. You can make depilation at home. Take a training session and adhere to the rules and recommendations of professionals to avoid side effects during self-depilation. If you want to learn the depilation procedure, find out about new cosmetic products, learn about the benefits of depilation with film wax, master working with a spatula or improve your skills, we invite you to ITALWAX depilation seminars.