Cosmoprof Bologna 2019

Just like always, Italwax team participated in Cosmoprof Bologna Show on march, 14-17, 2019.
And just like always Italwax presented brand new products, which amused the public.
What was new on the Cosmoprof?

The SPA-waxing line “Nirvana”, which is formulated in two different versions with sensual Lavender and Sandalwood aroma.
The unique formulation of “Nirvana” aromatic synthetic waxes line contains natural oils and was created specifically for SPA hair removal procedure. “Nirvana” wax perfectly removes short and coarse hairs in any body area and can be easily used with pre-waxing oil.
Because of wax heating effect, natural oils intensively nourish and moisturize the skin during waxing procedure, and its exquisite fragrances provides relaxation. “Nirvana” line in both variants contains: hard wax, soft wax in can, pre-wax oil and aromatic candle, which turns into massage oil while melting.

Brand new product SELFIE.
SELFIE wax is a delicate Hot Film Wax for face with Oils Complex.
It is perfect for eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns/temporal area: innovative  “Selfie” wax formulation was created specifically to remove unwanted hair on the sensitive face skin.
Wax “Selfie” is formulated resin-free and is created to remove hair on the sensitive skin of the face.  Natural oils complex in wax composition cushions wax effect on face, creates maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure.

If you missed the show and didn’t have an opportunity to ask our staff about Italwax new products – don’t hesitate to drop us a mail to and we will be happy to send all the needed information.

See you on the next Cosmoprof Bologna 2020!