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Fint Benkepapir i 60cm bredde.

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Bokser for filmvoks

Brukes som beholdere for smelting av filmvoks i granulater eller tabletter.

Treatments for skin


Lotions, oils, emulsions, gel pre and after wax in polypropylene bottles. Format: 100, 250, 500ml Tops: flip-top, spray top, gel top. Our bottles have beautiful cylindric shape and are made of thick and smooth plastic. It will not deform during transportation and it looks stylish an expensive. You can wrap it around with one big [...]



Product forms: 800g – 500g There is no limit for your creativity. Imagine a beautiful box with your personalised design, patters or even vents and we will make your dream come true. Nothing is impossible!



Product forms: 400 ml – 800 ml – 397 ml (U.S.A standard) Metallic tin can be personalised in 2 ways: Label Printing on the tin (not available for USA standard tins) We will print beautiful full colour printed labels for you products. For a product, which goes into waxing heater, it is extremely important to have [...]


Cartridges for wax

Cartridges can be personalised in 2 ways: Label (front and back) Printing on the roller Roll-on (cartridge) system has a transparent body so that clients can see the wax colour. It is common to attach the label on one or both sides of the cartridge to give some information about the product aтв present the [...]

Treatments for skin


Polypropylene cans. Format: 125, 250 ml

Oppvarmer for voks og parafin

Double Voks varmer

Hvite beholdere for to bokser 800 + 800 ml boks

A convenient and compact electric heater is indispensable for work at home or on site.

Refill – Face waxing kit

engangspatler «Eyebrows»

Pakken inneholder 50 engangs trespatler

Refill – Face waxing kit

engangspatler «MEDIUM»

Pakken inneholder 50 engangs trespatler