Italwax 4 best-selling products for the perfect summer waxing routine

1. Italwax Lime Pre-wax Foaming Lotion to clean the skin and remove all residues

Perfect to deeply clean the skin remove all traces of sun creams, make-up or any other substance.

2. Italwax Menthol Cosmetic Talc to dry the skin and improve wax adherence

Ideal to be used in hot season to ensure skin is dry, protected and fresh.

3. Italwax TOP Line for sensitive skin to avoid irritation and protect the tan

Suitable for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits) due to its resin-free composition prevents any skin rushes or allergies.

4. Italwax Afterwax Emulsion Hair-Growth Retardant Orchid to soothe & gently hydrate the skin

Essential to restore the skin after the waxing procedure.and cool the skin. It also contains “Decelerine R” to retard the hair re-growth and enjoy more wax-free beach days!

Interested to find out more about the Italwax products for the perfect waxing routine? Join our free live webinar “BUT FIRST,SKIN CARE: Italwax guide for skin treatments”. Contact your local distributor for the next available dates!

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