Wax beads

Wax beads for hair removal

Wax in beads is sometimes called “hard”, because it is manufactured in form of hard pellets. Only non strip hard waxes can be manufactured in form of beads. Beads are very comfortable and economic in use, they also melt faster, decreasing the timing of the procedure.

Ingrown Hairs

Active Paste

Prevents and slows down ingrown hairs and reduce swelling.

Marketing Materials

Aesthetician’s bag

Water Soluble Sugar Wax

Aloe Vera Sugar Wax

Sugar wax with the dense consistency is very plastic.

Marketing Materials


Apron with pockets

Marketing Materials


Treatments for skin


Lotions, oils, emulsions, gel pre and after wax in polypropylene bottles.



There is no limit for your creativity.



Metallic tin can be personalised.


Cartridges for wax

Cartridges can be personalised

Marketing Materials


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Marketing Materials

Compact mirror

Ingrown Hairs

Concentrated lotion

Ingrown Hairs Therapy Concentrated Lotion prevents and slows down ingrown hairs occurrence.


FAQ about wax beads

Are Italwax beads suit for sensitive body areas: face, bikini, armpits?
Pick any wax beads Italwax for this procedure. Only non-strip waxes are suitable for delicate areas hair removal.
Is there any product in beads which can be used on big areas?
Our wax is a non strip wax, formulated for big areas hair removal, like legs, arms, back.
I do a lot of face waxing. Which wax should I pick?
You would need one of Italwax hard non strip wax in beads, for example Selfie wax, which was created for face especially.
How much time is needed to melt the beads?
That depends on the beads quantity in a melter and also on type of wax. Synthetic waxes in beads Top Formula, for example, have lower melting temperature, so they will be ready to use faster.
Once melted, can I re-heat wax again without loosing it's adhesive properties?
Yes, once the hard beads melt, they fill the melter and become hard when cool down. It can be heated again afterwards, wax would remain effective. Check our tutorial videos about wax beans usage.
Can I use my heater for Italwax beads melting?
Any professional heater will work! We recommend to use empty containers and protective collars too, it will help you to keep your heater clean and neat.
What is the melting temperature for beads?
it's 50C for Natural based hard film waxes and 42C for synthetic waxes.