Wax for armpits

Soft and hard wax for underarms

Armpit is a very delicate body area and that is why it is very important to use right product to wax in it. Choose it in Italwax professional hair removal products assortment.

Medium density soft wax with Titanium dioxide and light pink color, perfectly visible on the skin.

FAQ about wax for armpits

Did you always shave you armpit area and therefore have very thick and strong hair?
White chocolate hard wax is the best solution because it can pick really short hairs.
Did you always wax in underarm area and therefore have thin and light hair?
Rose hard wax would be a perfect solution because it will remove all hairs with the root and care about skin.
Do you have very sensitive skin in armpit area and suffer always reddening after waxing procedure?
We recommend to pick any wax from our synthetic hard waxes range, because they are formulated for sensitive skin care.
Do you prefer to have a hypoallergenic product with synthetic components?
We recommend to pick any wax from our synthetic hard waxes range, because they are hypo-allergenic.
Do you prefer all-natural products?
Hard waxes Italwax Rose, Azulene, Natural, White chocolate, Plum and Pour Homme are formulated with all-natural ingredients.
Do you prefer to use no-strip waxes?
Hard waxes Italwax do not require strips for waxing.
Would you like to try sugaring instead of waxing?
Italwax sugar line consists of 4 products in different consistencies from ultra soft to extra strong.
Do you prefer to use strip wax?
Try Italwax flex waxes to experience pain-free hair removal.
Ever wondered how to prepare skin before waxing?
Discover pre wax lotions Italwax for skin cleansing and degreasing
Do you know which treatments should be used after underarm waxing?
You would need a non-oily treatment, check Italwax after hot wax skin care.
Suffering ingrown hair?
We have a solution! Italwax ingrown hair treatments would resolve the problem.
Would you like to see the tutorial video for armpit waxing?
See our tutorial video for armpit waxing.  

How to wax underarms